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Lisa Stanfield – Around The World

Posted by nassos on February 9, 2007

4 Responses to “Lisa Stanfield – Around The World”

  1. Bosnian girl said

    Hello to everyone!

    I really adore this song but unfortunatelly I can’t find it to download it nor its lyrics. 😦

    Please if you can, help me. I would appreciate it!

    Truely yours,

    Bosnian girl

  2. RW Melton said

    I am so addicted to the sound of this song. It feels like Lisa Stanfield is singing this song to God. And I wouldn’t put it one second behind the doubt.

  3. This song freezes me,when listening to it. I will not get out of the car, or go anywhere unless it finishes playing first, every single time it comes on the radio, CD. Etc. Everybody else can get out. But i ain’t going nowhere until that song finishes plsying first. Then I get out. You know what I mean?
    The song is very nice.

  4. RDNY1254 said

    Who is the Mystery Man in this song? Women really know how to sock us with the imagery of the unknown. A lot of females be making songs like this. I.E. Tamia, with Stranger In My House, is another imagery of the unknown.Know what I’m saying?
    And ends up becoming a good nightingale for the imagery of God. You know what I mean? And thats nice.
    I wish I could be a woman for just five minutes, to see the spirits that they be seeing. Cause they are very spiritually literate. And is the reason why they are so much closer to God than men are.
    Been Around The World reminds me of the fallacy of mis-placed concrete. Something that has been there, but chooses to be unapparent. And women has a thing for making their feelings be known, unlike men do.

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