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Kaoma – Lambada

Posted by nassos on November 16, 2006


5 Responses to “Kaoma – Lambada”

  1. Jen said

    OMG! Kaoma! World Beat! Nothing beats the Lambada song. I was going on 12 when this wild dance song hit the US. Noone pulled off anything else like it. Of course, it pretty much was a one-hit wonder because they only followed up with one more album after World Beat, which I can’t remember the name of. Actually, if you’re in to the lambada dance the whole World Beat album is great to dance to since almost all songs are fast. I used to own the cassette and it’s been lost in moving so much. I’ve been searching for the CD but not too many places have it except of course This video is kind of cute, showing those 2 kids dancing like that..they’re really good! They should be in their 20s now! There still isn’t anything like Kaoma today. I miss the 80s.

  2. nassos said

    It is a classic. These kids must be in their 30’s, since this song was recorded in 1989.

    And yes, I too miss the 80’s, even though I was born in the 1980’s.

  3. Maria Sims said

    Where can i buy this song??? Just this particular song! Lambada by Kaoma????

  4. Elissa K. said

    I remember this video from the late 80s. I thought it was amazing and lovely and exciting and brilliant in such a wonderful way. Unlike anything else. The two kids – well, they were mesermizing. I’ve wondered if I would ever see it again, and feel lucky to have found it here on UTube. (sp?) I love the music, the feel of it – it’s so warm and welcoming.

    The ultimate in the internet is finding what you’ve been missing for so long!
    Wow, and OMG!

  5. Elissa thank you a lot!

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